Social Responsibility

KARLEE is aware of the interactions that our products and activities may have on the environment, and we recognize the importance of conducting business in an ecologically sound manner.

KARLEE maintains business practices that minimize/prevent noise, air and material pollution, while maximizing the recycling of waste. Environmental performance objectives and targets are set during strategic planning and reviewed by KARLEE’s Senior Leadership. We take a proactive approach to ensure proper handling of in-house coolant, recycling and material storage.

We recognize the importance of utilizing small diversity suppliers. To increase value to our end customer, we tap into the competitive advantage of a diverse supply chain which has the ability to supply speed, flexibility, best practice processes, quality, customer focus, and even global capacity.

KARLEE supports various local charities and organizations through donations and via Leadership participation on a variety of boards. These local institutions serve the neighborhood around KARLEE and help meet the needs of the community.


KARLEE also has an in-house charity, KARLEE Cares. It is a team-member driven system that provides assistance to fellow team members, their immediate family and the community in times of catastrophic need.