We incorporate finishing processes such as wet and powder coat paint, silkscreen, and plating. KARLEE features the Nordson Powder Coat system with Inline phosphate wash line and Nordson spray to waste and reclaim powder boothes finishing. Plating capabilites include zinc, nickel, anodize, alodine and chemical film performed to RoHS requirements.


KARLEE’s Engineering team provides new product implementation (NPI) prototype solutions, including cost reduction anlysis, design and implementation, and manufacturability. Our focus on continuous process improvement drives lean manufacturing and workflow design, allowing us to build your product virtually from the ground up while offering valuable cost savings.

Materials Management

KARLEE’s Supply Chain Management and KANBAN replenishment systems minimize inventory and increase flexibility for our customers. By utilizing demand pull of KANBAN systems and discrete purchase order management, our supply chain mangement team is able to enhance JIT and daily management of inventory, increase response time, reduce costs, and improve inventory accuracy and visibility.